Some Frequently Asked Questions

Which kayak is best for me?

Working on this one.

What do I need to get started whitewater kayaking?

A whistle and some friends with gear and...

  • Boat, skirt, paddle, helmet, whitewater life jacket
  • Nose plug, paddling jacket or dry top, neoprene pants or farmer john, polypropylene long underwear base layer
  • Just say no to cotton
  • Club members can borrow club boats and gear
  • Take some courses, Wav Paddling gives pool and on-the-river courses

Where can you whitewater kayak in Manitoba?

See the On the River page. For one of the flattest places on the planet,  Winnipeg is only a few hours away for some of the best whitewater play spots in Canada on the Winnipeg River at Sturgeon Falls and Whitemud Falls, the Whitemouth River near Elma and further a field, the Bird River. 

Where do I buy a whitewater kayak?

Most people new to whitewater buy a used boat, either from somebody locally, or have it shipped in from elsewhere in Canada, or the US. Kayaking schools and rental shops in Ottawa and BC sell off their boats in the fall.

If you want to buy a new boat, Wilderness Supply will order one in and MEC carries a few whitewater boats. 

The club has a variety of boats, paddles, helmets for club members.


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